by Leisel

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You've found me! See what I've done so far, and what I'm working on for the future....Speeches and fiction books and One non- Fiction book on obtaining the Lucid Dream State, and realizing your most vivid dreams yet, coming soon...


Lucid Dreaming is real...
I am giving speeches on obtaining the Lucid Dream state, and help you experience the most spectacular and mind-moving dreams you've ever had.
Contact me for more details. I can be reached at Dreamlanz8@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you soon:)

'The Girl Who Loved to Lucid Dream', available August 8th, 2019 is my masterpiece. It took me two years to get this whole idea down to book form. 

Available on Amazon

My books:

The Girl Who Loved to Lucid Dream

Fourth Reich Reborn

The Children of Wicked Hollow

Immortal Infidel

Haunt Me Forever

Coming soon: Sweet Dreams are made of these...a non-fiction book about dreams and lucid dreams.